• Bringing franchise brands that families love to the Caribbean region

  • Launching Red Lobster restaurants in the Bahamas

About Us

Pinnacle has a strong history of providing franchise brand restaurants that offer a clean well run family environment  with a flavor profile that appeals to the local population resulting in happy customers and repeat business.

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Red Lobster will bring an affordable, popular, customer-service based lobster and seafood restaurant to The Caribbean.

Our Services

Quality cuisine

Our restaurants combine top quality ingredients with well trained chefs to deliver a great dining experience.

Family Friendly Atmosphere

We make dining out a fun and memorable experience for the whole family that they want to do over and over again.

Right Fit For The Region

We match the flavor profile to the desires of the local population and adapt the business model to meet local standards and conditions.

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The Pinnacle Model

  • Caribbean focus and understanding of the needs and habits of the region
  • Experienced in franchise restaurant business with successful openings of Outback Steakhouses throughout the region
  • Franchise brands recognize Pinnacle’s successful track record and request their involvement including granting exclusive rights to their brands
  • Business savvy executive Team 

Brands and Locations

Pinnacle owns the exclusive rights to Red Lobster franchises throughout the Caribbean.  Two restaurants are currently planned for the Bahamas.  Additional restaurants are expected to open in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands within the next three years.  Additional franchise brands are being investigated.